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In the fast changing world of semiconductor industry, our company, Silicon Artist Technology offers
high quality LSI development service and strives to deliver our customer with the best possible solution.
By maximizing the use of available resources and emphasizing on collaborative relationship with
our employees,partners and customers, we combine our advanced technical skills with creative visions
to meet a wide variety of customer needs.





- Where to find suitable company for
  LSI Design and Foundry service?
- Which company to choose for LSI Packaging
  and Testing service?
- Handling multi-client contract negotiation is
  far too troublesome
- Difficulty in product management and delivery




1. LSI Development coordinator
2. Optimal FAB-selection for the
     required specifications
3. Strong Japanese communication skill


- Provide integrated services from LSI Design
  to Turnkey and Board support
- Application of Virtual IDM Platform through
  strong collaborative relationship with
  our partners
- Offer one and complete contact point for
  product contract, management and
  delivery process


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