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Constituting as essential portions of electronic appliances and
automobile-related parts, LSI (Large-scale integrated circuit)
has undeniably become indispensable in all aspects of our life.
The recent trends toward increasing miniaturization of LSI module size,
its functionality and complexity of semiconductor development have
resulted in rising demands for the market to keep up with a more
extensive and diversified customer needs.


With increasing concern over environmental impact and battery life problem, we recognize the need for
providing our customer with low-power consumption and low-voltage LSI design.
Utilizing strong collaboration of our development partners, Silicon Artist Technology can help provide
for a complete one-stop service from digital to analog, RF analog, display driver, power, and wider range
of LSI design services to guarantee total customer satisfaction.


·  Logic Design/Analog Circuit Design

- RTL Design (ARM Core SOC Main)
`350nm 250nm 180nm 130nm 90nm
- Analog Circuit Design
  Power (Regulator, DC-DC and etc.), IF/Baseband
- RF Analog (Partner: D-Clue Technologies)
  WiMAX, W-LAN Analog LSI, etc.







·  Layout Design

- Library Design
`350nm 250nm 180nm 130nm STD cell
- Module Design
  Analog Module, Computation Module, Memory
- Whole Chip
  Embedded microcontroller SOC Analog LSI, etc.

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